Do men like beautiful or sexy women

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Do men like beautiful or sexy women

What is beautiful or sexy ?

What is beautiful woman? Beautiful woman is a woman that you like to look at and think how wonderful and amazing God created her unique looks that is pleasant to your eye. It's more like a beautiful painting when you look at it you think "Wow!" It's beautiful, it gets your attention. Beautiful women are in demand because so many men are dreaming about beautiful woman to be with.

So, what is sexy? Sexy woman is a woman who can provoke certain feelings in you and certain desires. For example, sexy women don't always have to be beautiful, they can be sexy, attract attention and be very charming. Being sexy is not just how you look, but how you talk, walk, flirt and etc.

Can you be beautiful and sexy? Of course you can, being beautiful and sexy is a perfect combination. But is it better to be beautiful or sexy?

The power of sex

In today's society sexy is considered beautiful by many people. Look at music videos, advertisements, fashion shows, you will notice a woman wearing a certain outfit or having a certain pose that you normally wouldn't see in real life. How often do you see celebrities are walking around dressed up like in their music video?

So, what is acceptable for fashion, shows is not always acceptable in a real life. It's o'kay to wear Victoria Secret panties during fashion show but you wouldn't go around wearing that in front of your coworkers or even friends and relatives.

All of these sends us a message that sexy is beautiful. How you going use your sexuality only depends on your moral values, your certain needs and experience.

Men like sexy women

In my opinion men like sexy women more. If you can make a man experience certain feelings around you, he will want to be with you forever. Not all beautiful women can make a man feel desired, wanted and appreciated.

As far as being sexy, sexy women don't have to make a man to want to have a one night stand, but they need to create feelings of attraction.

Being sexy and creating feelings of attraction is much more than just a short skirt and low cut shirt, it's more about how you talk, walk and treat your man.

Women don't treat all men equally, if they are attracted to you, they will act more sexy, if they aren't attracted to you they will treat you differently.

For example, some people will find certain women very boring while others will find the same woman amazing and fascinating. It could be that the same woman acted differently with different men or people. Some people are attracted to certain people more than they are attracted to others.

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