pleasure your woman with sensual massage

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pleasure your woman with sensual massage

pleasure your woman with sensual massage

If you love your woman and you want to make her happy, why not to give her pleasant sensual massage? Women love massage especially from a man who they really love. Making a woman happy with massage is easy. All you have to do is to learn some simple techniques and experiment with each other. Ask and your woman will tell how she wants to be touched and where while you are giving her massage.

Massage therapy

Massage can be very therapeutic to your woman's body and soul. Maybe she worked all day and she is really tired, so your massage will be a relief her pain in her body. Maybe she isn't tired but loves to rubbed and receive a massage from you.

You would enjoy it too giving massage to your woman. Every man enjoys to make his loved woman happy, so why not to try it today? Massage can be fun for both of you. I love massage and I'm sure you will like it too.

More reasons to give a massage to your woman

Massage can make you both very happy, it's very simple, requires little time but memories can be great. You can massage any body parts that you want to. If she likes massage on her back, give massage on her back. If she likes her feet rubbed, then rub her feet. You can also massage her arms, legs, shoulders. You can even massage her head if she wants to! Be open and explore what you both like.

I like receiving massage too. My husband is very good at it and I often ask him to give me a massage. I have a very sensitive back, so I can handle only very short massages.

As far as my feet, I can't handle them to be touched, so I never get my feet rubbed at all. Being a sensitive person as I am can be difficult. I'd love to have less sensitive feet, so he would massage them too, but the only touch on my feet I can handle if he barely touches my little toe for a second, anything more than that is too much for me.

The interesting part of it all is that I can touch my own feet but I become way too sensitive if he touches me. Isn't it interesting how the brain works?

Magical Massage

Massage is truly magical. It can bring a smile to your face, it can make you feel better and it can bring you both closer to each other.

Massage can be very ticklish too, so be careful what you are do to each other.

As far as me, massage makes me lough a lot. I'm very sensitive and ticklish person, so any massaging makes me laugh, it's really funny. If you are both ticklish, you can have a great time laughing and smiling to each other.

Massage therapy is great for your health, marriage and your relationship. You will remember your fun times and have happy pleasant memories.

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